Partner Schools

Berkshire High School Northland High School Dublin Coffman High School Innovative Learning Center Metro High School Global Impact STEM Academy Bio-Med Science Academy Cardinal High School Kenston High School Perkins High School

Making sure that students are prepared for college starts in the K-12 classroom. Ohio State is partnering with ten school districts to build the academic foundation for student success once they set foot on a college campus. Providing digital learning tools and resources to students and teachers in participating schools will be the spark for change within the school’s instructional framework. Developing and fostering a culture of digital learning will lead this change. Instructional content created by Ohio State and distributed to College Ready Ohio schools will act as the initial step and model for this change. 

Catalyst Teachers are leading this charge. Throughout the year teachers are participating in virtual and professional development. Sessions are not just training on how to use different devices. Instruction on developing quality, interactive, and pedagogically sound digital course materials are foundations to successful mobile technology integration. As classroom instruction continues this fundamental shift, it is critical to remember that technology is only a tool, not a solution. The pedagogical standards, creativity and passion of educators behind the tool are what make a difference in schools and classrooms.