According to Complete College America, by 2018, 59% of Ohio’s jobs will require a postsecondary credential or degree.  In order to secure the significantly greater opportunities a college degree provides, Ohio’s students must leave high school prepared for college success. In December 2013, The Ohio Board of Regents reported that, of the 51,627 students who enrolled for the first time in an Ohio public college in Fall 2012, 40% needed developmental (or remedial) math or English.  Students and their loved ones are paying for an education they should have already received. We’re changing that through four crucial goals. 

Student Achievement 

Our first priority is student achievement. College Ready Ohio will provide more students with access to College Credit Plus options from The Ohio State University. High School students in consortium schools who meet prerequisites will have access to digital courses for college credit from The Ohio State University. This will allow more students attending consortium schools to graduate high school with at least 3 college credits (Ohio Prepared for Success Benchmark). By providing rigorous digital learning materials and teacher professional development, College Ready Ohio anticipates increasing student ACT scores and math/English competencies so students will not need remedial coursework upon entering a college or university. 

Spending Reductions

College Ready Ohio allows participating districts to reduce costs on technology, digital resources, professional development, and other classroom resources such as paper, copying, and printing. Identified teachers will receive intense, ongoing professional development. These teachers will act as catalysts for change within the school by driving the adoption, curation, and creation of digital content in their high school curriculum. Each student enrolled in a catalyst teacher’s course during the academic year will receive mobile technology to use throughout the academic year. These catalyst teachers will also build digital resources to share with other teachers in their subject area and provide professional development to teachers in their school in a “train the trainer” approach. Principals and district leadership will participate in OSLN’s Leadership in the Digital Age Institute, to drive a statewide culture of change at the highest levels of district leadership. By building capacity for leading professional development and strategic visioning within the catalyst teachers and the school administrators, College Ready Ohio is creating a sustainable and replicable model for reducing ongoing professional development costs for schools and districts. Districts will document additional systemic reductions, which further reduce operating costs ensuring long-term program sustainability beyond the life of the project. 

Classroom Resources 

College Ready Ohio will drive a massive amount of resources into the classroom. Mobile technology will be incorporated in participating schools to allow for a true integration of technology into the classroom environment. Digital learning materials from faculty at The Ohio State University will be infused into high school courses, while at the same time participating teachers will learn how to create, organize, and deliver their own digital learning materials. College Ready Ohio digital learning resources will be organized in an online portal designed specifically for this purpose, so that all teachers can access anytime, anywhere. This online portal will be accessible to teachers within the consortium in year one and to all teachers across Ohio after year one. An Innovation Center and K12 program track at the annual Innovate Conference will be established at The Ohio State University to act as the hub for professional development, digital content creation, and communication/collaboration across all participating districts. Teachers will share their learning with colleagues in their school and district, further increasing teacher to access high quality, open source digital learning materials which benefit learners of all levels and interests. 

Shared Services

Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) will facilitate a Leadership in the Digital Age Institute in partnership with the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO), and the Geauga County Educational Service Center (GCESC). This ongoing professional learning community will provide a unifying community for all participating districts. District and building leaders will collaborate with OSU to develop mutually beneficial protocols, processes and fee structures that will increase student access to College Credit Plus coursework and re-design local systems (human, fiscal, operational) to sustain and scale this initiative beyond the grant period. Professional development will be delivered online and via shared learning spaces at the OSLN, ESCCO, GCESC, and OSU. OSLN and the ESCs will implement a shared services model, which utilizes teachers across the state to facilitate and support students as they successfully complete digital College Credit Plus courses being delivered by Ohio State.