More Classroom Resources

Goal 3

Utilization of a greater share of resources in the classroom.

College Ready Ohio will drive a massive amount of resources into the classroom. Mobile technology will be incorporated in participating schools to allow for a true integration of technology into the classroom environment. Digital learning materials from faculty at The Ohio State University will be infused into high school courses, while at the same time participating teachers will learn how to create, organize, and deliver their own digital learning materials. College Ready Ohio digital learning resources will be organized in an online portal designed specifically for this purpose, so that all teachers can access anytime, anywhere. This online portal will be accessible to teachers within the consortium in year one and to all teachers across Ohio after year one. An Innovation Center and K12 program track at the annual Innovate Conference will be established at The Ohio State University to act as the hub for professional development, digital content creation, and communication/collaboration across all participating districts. Teachers will share their learning with colleagues in their school and district, further increasing teacher to access high quality, open source digital learning materials which benefit learners of all levels and interests.